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A resort in harmony with nature

Bades Huk welcomes 6 bee colonies

Bades Huk is not only an exceptional vacation property resort, but also a place of well-being. This is also the view of the bee colonies that have recently found their home there. Six bee boxes, each with one colony, were set up in the resort by the local beekeeping company “Der Bienen-Fischer” from Beckerwitz. As an important part of the ecological balance, the industrious insects can now fly around among flower fields, dunes and salt marshes until they go into hibernation with the beekeeper in October.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome the new residents and thus make a further contribution to environmental protection and nature conservation,” emphasizes Nino Stricker-Neumayer, Investment Manager at SOINI ASSET. “Sustainability awareness has become an integral part of the vacation hotel industry and vacation property resorts. For us as investors, sustainability also means helping to shape living spaces, and that doesn’t end with the property, but is further developed in a regionally anchored operator concept, as is the case at Bades Huk. Fresh rolls from the bakery, seasonal food from regional and local producers and suppliers, and animal products from species-appropriate husbandry are part of the anchoring with the land and its people. The bees now belong to Bades Huk like the natural honeycombs to the breakfast buffet.

As a super organism and the third most important farm animal in Germany, bees create the perfect conditions for the local flora and fauna. To experience and understand this up close is an important concern of the resort. Together with beekeeper Fischer, “taster sessions” will be offered to guests throughout the year in the future to bring them closer to a piece of nature, a true craft that makes an important contribution to the environment, our food and our well-being. The guests of Bades Huk value and enjoy the original nature as a space for experience and adventure.

For more information about the vacation resort Bades Huk, please visit: www.badeshuk.de.