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Bades Huk in the Hamburger Abendblatt

The vacation real estate resort Bades Huk is described in the Hamburger Abendblatt as “New vacation bliss on the Baltic Sea”. In an interview with Hamid M. Farahmand, Managing Partner of Clavis International and operator of Bades Huk, editor, Elisabeth Jessen, finds out what makes the holistic concept of the new vacation and recreation resort so special.

From the regional experience to the diverse leisure and service offers, she presents the various facets of the resort concept on a full page. Among other things, the design marketing, under the leadership of creative director Silva Eddicks (Clavis International), is mentioned, as it contributes to a considerable extent to making guests feel “at home”. This is a further building block of a lived counter-concept to mass tourism.

The resort concept takes a holistic approach to the guest and brings nature, regionality and recreation into harmony.

We look forward to further exchanges with Abendblatt.

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