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Emerging trends in the logistics real estate industry

“The logistics real estate industry in Austria is facing an exciting phase of development. We are witnessing a fusion of sustainability, technology and adaptability, paving the way for an efficient and future-oriented logistics infrastructure,” emphasizes Oliver Soini, CEO of SOINI ASSET.CEO von SOINI ASSET.

In 2024, the logistics real estate industry in Austria is focusing on impressive developments and innovative trends. This year’s EXPO REAL, which has established itself as the definitive platform for the real estate industry, revealed revealing insights into the promising future of this sector.

  1. Sustainability as a key theme
    The focus on sustainable practices in logistics real estate development continues to gain importance. Real estate companies increasingly focused on environmentally friendly concepts, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable building materials. The integration of environmental aspects throughout the life cycle of logistics real estate is becoming the standard.
  2. Technological innovations and automation
    Advancing digitalization and automation are increasingly shaping the logistics industry as well. Smart technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) and automated warehouse and logistics processes not only improve efficiency, but also help minimize operating costs.
  3. Urban Logistics and Multifunctional Space
    In urban areas, the trend toward urban logistics solutions is gaining momentum. The adaptation of logistics real estate for use in urban environments and the integration of multifunctional space are being driven in response to the increasing demand for faster deliveries and local services.
  4. Flexibility and adaptability
    Flexibility is becoming a critical factor in logistics real estate development. Real estate companies are seeking modular designs and adaptability to respond to changing user requirements. This enables faster scaling and better utilization of real estate.
  5. Logistik als Investmentklasse
    Investors are increasingly recognizing the potential of logistics real estate as a stable, high-return asset class. The ongoing boom in e-commerce and the strategic importance of logistics in global supply chains are contributing to high demand for investments in this area.

    In terms of logistics, Austria is a dynamically growing market in Europe. The geopolitical location in the center of Europe and with immediate proximity to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe holds a lot of potential for the development of modern logistics locations. This is an exciting phase that SOINI ASSET is helping to shape.

Photo: Exhibition Munich