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Last units sold – BADES HUK RESORT still on the road to success

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the last two of a total of 77 vacation apartments in our BADES HUK vacation property resort have been successfully sold. “This marks a significant milestone and underscores the continued high demand for the exclusive properties in our resort on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg,” emphasizes Christina Soini, COO of SOINI ASSET.

Holistic concepts that combine exclusive living ambience, leisure facilities and extensive resort services in a private atmosphere ensure value enhancement and thus also good returns. Sustainability plays an equally important role in this context. But above all, the year-round operation of vacation resorts makes the properties an attractive investment target. The vacation properties are maintained by the operating company and their supply structure corresponds to the wishes and needs of vacationers. Beyond the established destinations, a comprehensive infrastructure concept that works across seasons is crucial to the success of a sustainable vacation resort.

“Developing a vacation real estate resort is a lengthy process, but in the end it proves to be extremely rewarding,” emphasizes Oliver Soini, CEO of SOINI ASSET. “We started our work on the Baltic Sea back in 2017 and built BADES HUK – now we can look back on a successful track record and satisfied investors as well as guests since opening in mid-2021. Close-to-nature living, slow travel, regional and sustainable experiences in a cared-for home characterize quality tourism in the coastal strip and pave the way for phase 2 of the project.

It is planned to expand the range of stays and to extend the infrastructure in the sense of soft tourism. In perspective, the niche of vacation real estate resorts in the DACH region can develop into an established asset class through increasing design and professionalization of the operator landscape, which offers investors the advantage of a value-stable investment opportunity and sets new accents in the market.”