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Ausgezeichnetes Ferienzuhause 5 Sterne für die Beach Apartments des Ferienimmobilien-Resorts Bades Huk

Excellent vacation home 5 stars for the Beach Apartments of the vacation real estate resort Bades Huk

Almost one and a half years after the first time use, the Beach Apartments of Bades Huk on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg have now been awarded the highest classification of 5 stars according to the criteria of the German Tourism Association (DTV).

“The award for the special nature of the Beach Apartments is already decidedly great and a testament to the success story on the Baltic coast and on this very special peninsula,” emphasizes Oliver Soini, CEO of SOINI ASSET. For Soini is not only an investor and project developer of Bades Huk, but also an declared fan of exposed locations with special charm. He looks back on the early days with pride: “It was fascination when we looked out over the bay to sea here for the first time, and from then on our desire to share the unique natural experience of this region.” And so today, property owners and vacation guests of Bades Huk share this special privilege.

Generous living comfort in a unique natural setting determine the flair of the 77 Beach Apartments. This special resort combines living quality and nature, individual development and first-class service, as well as a stable value property form and a place of longing for quality tourism. “In the resort hotel industry lies the potential to develop a location tourism,” says Oliver Soini.

Thus, the honour offers also the mayor of the municipality Hohenkirchen, Jan van Leeuwen, cause to congratulate: “Quality tourism is an important economic factor for the region. We are pleased that the diversity of nature, the restful tranquillity and the natural charm of the Baltic coast in a quality accommodation to the full development and that is now also recognized with the top grade of the coveted seal of approval.”

The region of Northwest Mecklenburg is a magnet for many tourists, especially because of its scenic features, the coasts and the nature reserves.

“The unique nature around the Wismar Bay was also the source of inspiration for each Beach Apartment,” explains resort specialist Hamid M. Farahmand. “The theme of nature is becoming increasingly important and carries through all the building blocks and activities of the holistic concept.” By linking nature-based living – experienced in architecture and interior design – with the wide range of leisure activities, we want to offer guests a new form of luxury – and in the most beautiful setting.”


For more information on the Bades Huk vacation resort, visit: www.badeshuk.de