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Long Night of Architecture at GALILEO

The “Long Night of Architecture” has been held in Munich for five years. Year after year, the event attracts more and more visitors; most recently, there were over 30,000 participants. Last Friday, too, around 70 buildings had their doors and gates open until midnight. Those interested were able to get to know the city’s architectural highlights in a new light, both independently and as part of guided tours. The “Long Night of Architecture” focuses in particular on buildings that stand out for their design and structural concept. This year, GALILEO was also part of a guided tour.

Accompanied by the architectural firm Nickl & Partner, the participants were first able to get an overall impression of the building and learn more about the special facade structure. The highlight of the tour was the visit to the Audimax. Here, too, the focus was on the special architectural details and materials. For example, to improve the acoustics, both sound-amplifying and sound-protecting elements are used on the ceiling and side walls. In addition to the congress area, the multifunctionality of the building was discussed. In particular, the added value of the new shopping area for students and visitors to the campus was well received by the tour participants.