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GALILEO Garching

In the future, two lighthouse projects with charisma are to advance the Munich environs to an exciting business and science location. The GALILEO "SCIENCE CITY GARCHING" and asto Mäander in Gilching. Both projects focus on flexible and future-oriented building concepts that offer space for exchange, synergies and technology transfer. GALILEO "SCIENCE CITY GARCHING" comprises on a total area of 65,000 sqm,

Oliver Soini talks to Immobilien Report about the challenges and future ideas surrounding GALILEO "SCIENCE CITY GARCHING". As a lively centre, the multifunctional building combines teaching and research with communication, business and social exchange, thus forcing forward-looking cooperation between business and research. Soini also reveals in the interview with Ulrich Lohrer that he made the importance of the project of

The India Education Diary reports on the opening of GALILEO "SCIENCE CITY GARCHING". The article focuses on the multifunctional building as a place for international encounters. Cultural and recreational opportunities create space for new ideas and support personal networking. TU President Thomas Hofmann is quoted with these words. GALILEO "SCIENCE CITY GARCHING" has created a location with international appeal. To the article

Oliver Soini heralds the final spurt for the 250 million project. As the company's driving force, CEO Oliver Soini consistently demonstrates a keen sense for innovative concepts, a deep understanding of market and people needs, and a keen instinct for expanding a project's potential. "The idea of creating a vibrant centre that combines study, science and research with leisure had an

The "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on GALILEO in an article. Shortly before completion, public interest in the "New Centre" of the Garching Research Campus is particularly high. Oliver Soini was already able to give a foretaste of the finished building with the application programmed especially for the real estate project and show the possible areas of use and added value of

At this point we would like to inform you about the latest developments on our construction site in Garching and this time we would like to draw your attention to the new 1,150 square meter Audimax. With 1,300 seats, it is one of the largest naturally lit auditoriums in the world. State-of-the-art technology and equipment, including sound technology and interpreter connections,