SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

Exceptional architecture needs exceptional financial architecture.

Oliver Soini heralds the final spurt for the 250 million project.

As the company’s driving force, CEO Oliver Soini consistently demonstrates a keen sense for innovative concepts, a deep understanding of market and people needs, and a keen instinct for expanding a project’s potential. “The idea of creating a vibrant centre that combines study, science and research with leisure had an incredible appeal to us from the very beginning,” the investor emphasizes. “It has been a long journey that has been more than worth it.” More than 250 million euros was invested in this extraordinary GALILEO project over the entire period. Various companies made their contribution here.

At the end of 2020, the shares of a large German family office were taken over by the Austrian private foundation “Hesz’ische Privatstiftung”. SOINI ASSET is pleased about this step and was thus able to secure all necessary remaining costs for the completion in February 2021.

“We are extremely pleased to have found an investor in the Hesz Group, who will go the last mile together with us,” emphasizes Soini and warmly welcomes the Hesz Group to the investor team. Hesz, the global family business based in Wels (Austria) and focused on investment in a wide range of projects, has acquired shares in the project company of the GALILEO project.

“A building with such an extraordinary architecture also needs an extraordinary financing architecture,” explains Soini. Thus, over the years, he has not only designed GALILEO as a developer, but also as an investor has always provided the necessary capital and designed the various phases.