SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

“Science Parks” conquer Munich’s environs.

In the future, two lighthouse projects with charisma are to advance the Munich environs to an exciting business and science location. The GALILEO “SCIENCE CITY GARCHING” and asto Mäander in Gilching. Both projects focus on flexible and future-oriented building concepts that offer space for exchange, synergies and technology transfer.

GALILEO “SCIENCE CITY GARCHING” comprises on a total area of 65,000 sqm, in addition to the new Audimax, a hotel with guest house and numerous residential and office spaces, as well as numerous gastronomy, retail, service and leisure facilities. A modern architectural design, a CO2-neutral campus and a direct connection to the subway network represent the future viability of the building complex. With a usable floor space of 25,000 sqm, the high-tech building asto Mäander is designed to provide space for developers, manufacturing companies, start-ups and “co-workers” in a flexible working environment. State-of-the-art development, production and office space will be available.

Linking business and science is a concept with vision. It requires profound experience in the market and a sense for the potential of a project and its expansion.

Enabling companies, startups and research institutions to settle here, network, benefit from each other and thus bring even more added value to Germany and the region around Munich is an important step into the future for Oliver Soini.