SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

Current trend observations of the individual asset classes.


Retail meets logistics.

In order to meet the challenges of city and delivery logistics, the interaction between retail and logistics is essential. Retailers must meet customer demands and provide a comprehensive range of goods at short notice. This makes the networking of both areas of crucial importance. In addition to customer-accessible stores with storage facilities, offer-accessible storage rooms and virtual groupings of storage locations that are not connected locally are among the currently important developments.

Hotel industry

Focus on B and C locations.

The top German locations for hotel investments have developed into a price-intensive real estate sector. The supply of land is scarce and sales prices are correspondingly high. B-locations for hotel developments are thus automatically given a new status. A prominent example of this is the pan-European hotel group Novum Hospitality with its new “niu” brand. In spring 2017, Novum launched the midscale Millennial brand “niu” and was thus able to successfully place an innovative hotel concept on the European market. Each hotel is individually designed and picks up on local characteristics. For our hotel property in an excellent location near the main train station in Mainz, we have found a long-term tenant in Novum Hospitality and thus become part of the success story of this expanding hotel company.


User-centred real estate development

The requirements profile for modern office space has increased in recent years and, in addition to the possibility of placing new technologies and processes, also includes reacting flexibly to rapidly changing user requirements. Those who see office space exclusively as a cost item miss the opportunity to use an important source of innovation and thus achieve higher word creation. The sustainable understanding of current and future working environments, including their individual design, enables the realization of user-cantered real estate developments. Here, the goals and contents of the respective company set the framework for the respective development of the property.


Key trends in view: Click & Collect

Experts are predicting an increase in the use of click & collect concepts in the retail sector. What is already practiced for the purchase of clothing and home items is also part of the trend development for the purchase of everyday products. In order not to lose touch with large online providers, grocery retailers must adapt to the new purchasing behaviour of their customers at an early stage. An important aspect here is the concept development of retail properties that combines both online purchases and stationary retail.