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Mixed-use – live, learn, spend your free time

… GALILEO TUM combines all of these.

The infrastructure project GALILEO brings offices, retail, restaurants, the campus church, a hotel and congress centre and guest apartments to the campus of the Technical University of Munich in Garching, thus filling the learning and research landscape with life.

As investor and managing partner of “Neue Mitte am Hochschulcampus Garching GmbH & CO.KG”, Oliver Soini later joins the project and brings it to completion together with partners. “Residing, living and working are interlocking more and more,” says Oliver Soini. “A new culture of togetherness has emerged. For example, the new Audimax offers space for almost 1400 students. Because of the particularly good acoustics, however, not only lectures are planned here. Concerts, theatre performances or movies can also give life to this space and make the campus a “place to be.””

Part of the building is rented out as office space. For example, automotive supplier Dräxlmaier has been working here for more than two years. “It’s an innovative and very inspiring environment,” emphasizes Tobias Nickel, press spokesman for Dräxlmaier. Employees also appreciate the location, he says; you can quickly get to the countryside, there’s the subway and bike paths to Munich, and the space is designed to fit the work. Including a roof terrace with lounge chairs and a grill. Lett he end oft he workday fade away.

“GALILEO combines five projects in one, the boarding house, hotel, conference centre, shopping mall and offices. Orchestrating all this in conjunction with a world-renowned university, the Laud of Bavaria and private investors has been fun. This combination is unique on the market and also for me. And we’ve been able to show with our work that this is exactly what can function – and in doing so, we’ve created something unique, something very special – for more than 28,000 people every day at this campus. Something long-lasting, something permanent, a heart for the campus. This is not a long-held dream – this project is so special that you couldn’t dream it up before.”

Oliver Soini, SOINI ASSET


“New space for creative ideas – GALILEO is the lighthouse project on the TU campus.”
Business Traveller, March 2020


“Studying in the Mall. GALILEO is a building that stands out both visually and in terms of what it offers. A supermarket, a fitness centre, apartments, a wide variety of restaurants, everything is intended to help improve the quality of life on campus.”
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, March 2020


“The man of action: Oliver Soini. At GALILEO, his group of companies was initially involved as an investor. Due to the broad range of expertise, Oliver Soini later took over the position of managing partner and co-owner, and together with Peter Möhrle Holding is leading the GALILEO project to commissioning. ”
Otto Profil – the magazine for trade, crafts and industry, 2019

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