SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

Asto Mäander Gilching


Room for innovation

The asto Mäander VARIABILIS is a pioneering development by SOINI ASSET in the highly sought-after commercial location of Gilching, south of Munich, situated in the immediate vicinity of the asto Airwork Space Center in Oberpfaffenhofen. The development features modern commercial space for manufacturing, R&D and administration.

Nino Stricker-Neumayer, Project & Investment Manager at SOINI ASSET and contact for investors and project partners, attended the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2020.

Nino Stricker-Neumayer

“The new ensemble with its modern architecture is perfect for innovation, technology and forward-thinking office space. Developers, manufacturing companies, start-ups and people interested in co-working can all work flexibly here, together in one place. We and our partner, the asto Business Group, are excited that the location along the A96 motorway, which also offers an express bus connection, will continue to attract innovative companies going forward.”

Nino Stricker-Neumayer, SOINI ASSET



According to ASTO Park Managing Director Bernd Schulte-Middelich, “bold decisions in complicated times” has always been the asto Business Group’s motto.

“Over the past 13 years, more than one hundred companies have settled near the Airwork Space Center in Oberpfaffenhofen. These include start-ups as well as companies with an established reputation as global market leaders. The area has become a technology cluster for aerospace and aviation, robotics, the IT sector, battery technology, automotive, satellite navigation and mechanical engineering.”


“Astopark builds another high-tech building in Gilching”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Modernes Arbeiten, July 2020


“25,000 square meters is being built at the asto Mäander development”

Immobilien Zeitung, July 2020

Asset class

High-tech commercial building



asto Mäander VARIABILIS



Bavaria – Gilching



25,000 sqm of flexible office, manufacturing and administration space



Property developer, financial investor