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i Live Essen


Flexible living in the heart of the city

Young, hip and affordable. Today, young people in Essen want to live in small, modern, centrally located residential units that offer ultimate flexibility. Micro-living has become popular with students, young professionals and young academics. Essen, with its strong corporate and trade fair landscape, is home to over 570,000 residents, making it one of the largest cities in Germany. A large number of companies are headquartered in the city, making Essen one of Germany’s most important economic centers in terms of corporate decision-making. Six of the 100 companies with the highest revenue in Germany and 14 of the top 500 are headquartered in the city of Essen, which is at the center of the Ruhr Region, home to around 5.2 million people. The former AOK regional headquarters is a four-story stock property featuring roughly 9,000 sqm. The property is situated to the west of downtown Essen within walking distance of the city center and close to the university campus. The perfect place to live, work and study in a city that boasts a strong corporate and trade fair landscape. Despite the building’s central location, the surrounding area is quiet and with no heavy traffic. SOINI ASSET has created a young lifestyle product, an exclusive residential complex featuring a total of 323 lifestyle apartments (comfort and penthouses) along with 70 parking spaces.

“Essen would appear to be a secondary location at first glance. Thanks to the large number of companies headquartered here, however, Essen has become a significant center for decision-makers and key to the German economy in recent years. SOINI ASSET recognized the draw of the location early on and decided to create affordable living space there.”

Ursula Schmitzberger, SOINI ASSET

Asset class

Short-term accommodation



I Live Essen






323 lifestyle apartments + 70 parking spaces



Initiator, owner/developer, property development, financing structure and construction


Lot size

2.758 sqm


Project volume

ca. €27.00m