SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

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Bridging the gap between private living and hotel

The “Star Inn Hotel & Suites Premium Heidelberg, by Quality” is ideally located, spacious and fully equipped for long-stay guests. By combining a premium hotel with a boarding house complex, it follows a current trend in the tourism industry.

“How a niche product in real estate investment becomes a successful asset is shown in this project,” says Oliver Soini. “Serviced apartments or boarding houses still appeared as a market niche at the time. They bridge the gap between the private residential and the hotel market. This is a trend that also offers investors interesting prospects for returns. As a growing congress location, Heidelberg is relevant for business travellers. But Heidelberg is also at the top of the list of favourite destinations in Germany for foreign tourists. Both groups will find a home in the new Star Inn – at least for the time being.”

“But the concept is not only promising in metropolitan areas,” reveals Christina Soini, who is responsible for operational management at SOINI ASSET. “B-locations are also increasingly coming into the focus of investors. Renting a complete apartment in a city for a limited period of time is proving increasingly difficult. This is where the concept of boarding houses comes in. Facilities and room service, just like in a hotel, is a concept that works 100 percent.”

Nino Stricker-Neumayer

“The convention centre significantly increases demand. Conference participants usually have a longer length of stay than the classic city tourist.”

Mathias Schiemer, Managing Director of Heidelberg Marketing, the city’s tourism agency.


“We look back on a successful project: not only was the planning and construction phase successful. We built Heidelberg’s largest hotel and sold it to Commerz Real.”

Nino Stricker-Neumayer, SOINI ASSET

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Star Inn Premium Hotel & Boardinghouse






81 long-term apartments



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