SOINI ASSET is a bank-independent real estate investment boutique focused on the implementation of unusual construction projects in German-speaking countries. The foundation of our success is the intensive expertise and passion of the responsible players.

Purchase of a logistics property by LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND I

The recently launched open-ended special AIF starts with a city logistics property near Linz, one of the strongest economic regions in Austria:

With the purchase of this inner-city property as part of a seed investment, SOINI ASSET inaugurates LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND I, which was recently launched with IntReal Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH as service KVG.

“Above all, the location makes the success,” says Nino Stricker-Neumayer, Investment Manager at SONI ASSET. “The City property is located only 8 km to the A1 West Highway and also only 8 km from the city centre. With its proximity to the most important east-west connection of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), the Rhine-Danube corridor, Leonding is a magnet for well-known logistics companies.” The property has a plot size of 29,162 sqm and usable space of 17,044 sqm (including 15,595 sqm of warehouse space and 1,449 office space), as well as 29 loading bays and 25 LWK and 66 car parking spaces.

“The property is leased on a long-term basis to a major logistics company, and it also has a high level of third-party usability and an excellent location in one of Austria’s largest metropolitan areas. We have thus created the prelude for further attractive investment opportunities,” says Nino Stricker-Neumayer.

The fund’s next acquisitions are already in the purchasing process.

In acquiring the property, SOINI ASSET was legally advised by Schoenherr Rechtsanwälte (Ayla Ilicali), investment-law advised by Dentons Europe (David Zafra Carollo and Birgit Gansel) and tax-law advised by TPA Steuerberatung (Ingrid Winkelbauer).

Legal information

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Investment and other contractual documents, the information document pursuant to Section 307 (1) and (2) KAGB (“Section 307 Document”), the Key Investor Information Document of “Logistics Austria Plus Fund I” (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”) before making a final investment decision. These documents are available in German only. Those documents are the sole binding basis for the purchase of units in the Fund. A summary of investor rights is available in German in electronic format at https://www.intreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Zusammenfassung-der-Anlegerrechte.pdf. Upon request, we will send you the aforementioned documents in paper form free of charge. You can request them from SOINI GmbH or from IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (“INTREAL”), Ferdinandstrasse 61, 20095 Hamburg.

The fund is an open-ended special AIF with fixed investment conditions pursuant to Section 284 KAGB and may not be distributed to private investors as defined in Section 1 (19) No. 31 KAGB.

The fund is an actively managed fund that is not managed with reference to a benchmark index. By purchasing units, you acquire shares in the fund and do not acquire the assets held by the fund (e.g. real estate), which are acquired by INTREAL for the account of the fund. The Fund invests in real estate and therefore in illiquid assets. Under certain circumstances, it may be difficult to dispose of these assets, so that unit redemptions may sometimes be delayed or the redemption of fund units may be suspended. For a comprehensive discussion of the risks associated with investing in the Fund, please refer to the Section 307 document. You will also find the main risks in the Key Investor Information Document. The future performance of the fund also depends on the investor’s personal situation with regard to taxation and may change in the future. Please note that this document does not constitute or replace legal or tax advice.

This document and the assumptions contained herein have been prepared with care and in reliance on the accuracy of data provided to us by third parties, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of this information. Furthermore, the parameters on which this document is based are subject to change, so it is possible that these assumptions may no longer be maintained at a later date.

Source: SOINI GmbH (as of 02.06.2022), unless other sources are indicated.