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First open-ended special fund investing purely in Austrian logistics real estate: LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND 1

With LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND I we launch the first purely Austrian logistics real estate fund and create with this market novelty an attractive niche product for institutional investors.

LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND I is an open-ended special AIF with fixed investment terms and an investment focus on real estate – specializing in classic logistics centres and distribution halls in high-frequency locations with a high potential for third-party use in the domestic market of Austria. “The cooperation with IntReal, International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, as an innovative partner has given rise to our high-performance niche product in this dynamic market “, emphasizes Nino Stricker-Neumayer, Investment Manager at SONI ASSET. “After a long investment cycle in Austria in this asset class, now is the right moment to open us to institutional capital,” says Stricker-Neumayer.

LOGISTICS AUSTRIA PLUS FUND I pursues a very clear core and core+ strategy with high property qualities along the four main European transport routes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). In addition to market acquisitions, own logistics project developments are also transferred to the vehicle. The target volume amounts to EUR 200 million upon full placement. SOINI ASSET has already completed the first equity closing with two institutional investors in this early investment phase. Currently, SOINI ASSET is already in the acquisition process for the first seed investment,” says Nino Stricker-Neumayer. “We expect a very active investment year in 2022 and will have a lot of presence.

Legal Notice
Please read the Terms and Conditions of Investment and other contractual documents, the information document pursuant to Section 307 (1) and (2) KAGB (“Section 307 Document”), the Key Investor Information Document of “Logistics Austria Plus Fund I” (hereinafter “Fund”) before making a final investment decision. These documents are available in German only. Those documents are the sole binding basis for the purchase of units in the Fund. A summary of investor rights is available in German in electronic format at https://www.intreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Zusammenfassung-der-Anlegerrechte.pdf. Upon request, we will send you the aforementioned documents in paper form free of charge. You can request them from SOINI GmbH, Neutorstrasse 21, 5020 Salzburg, Austria or from IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH “INTREAL”, Ferdinandstrasse 61, 20095 Hamburg, Germany.

The fund is an open-ended special AIF with fixed investment conditions pursuant to § 284 KAGB and may not be distributed to private investors within the meaning of § 1 (19) no. 31 KAGB.

The fund is an actively managed fund that is not managed in relation to a benchmark index. By purchasing units, you acquire shares in the fund and do not acquire the assets held by the fund (e.g. real estate), which are acquired by INTREAL for the account of the fund. The Fund invests in real estate and therefore in illiquid assets. Under certain circumstances, it may be difficult to dispose of these assets, so that unit redemptions may sometimes be delayed or the redemption of fund units may be suspended. For a comprehensive discussion of the risks associated with investing in the Fund, please refer to the Section 307 document. You will also find the main risks in the Key Investor Information Document. The future performance of the fund also depends on the investor’s personal situation with regard to taxation and may change in the future.

Source: SOINI GmbH (as of 04.05.2022)